Probiotic Gummies
Probiotic Gummies
Probiotic Gummies
Probiotic Gummies
Probiotic Gummies
Probiotic Gummies
Probiotic Gummies
Probiotic Gummies

Probiotic Gummies


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Don’t let the word “Bacteria” let you down!

Let’s face it, the word “bacteria” has a bad reputation. More often than not, we think that it’s bad for our body. Not all bacteria are bad, though! Good bacteria do exist and if we have just the right kind, it will reap great benefits to your body!  

Gut health is one of the things in our body that we must always look out for!

 If the eyes are the window to the soul, then our digestive system is the window to good nutrition. A healthy digestive system combined with a balanced diet will help you acquire all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.  

Here are 3 simple tips to ensure that your digestive system is always healthy!

Stay Hydrated

Nothing beats good ol’ fashioned water! Most of the time, the sugary beverages we love to drink are culprits to digestive problems, or worse, chronic illnesses such as diabetes. A little sip of our guilty pleasures is acceptable, but train yourself to drink more water everyday!

Eat Healthier

Changing your diet by eating more lean meat and plant-based food can greatly contribute to your gut’s overall health! This, and of course, cutting off high-fat and sugary foods. Also, consider adding fiber to your diet! It has been found to work great wonders for your gut.

Take Probiotics

These are the good bacteria that lives in your gut and helps eliminate bad bacteria to keep you healthy! Consider asking your healthcare provider about probiotic supplements!

Thinking of taking organic probiotic supplements?

We “Gut” You!

We’ve released our new Probiotic Gummies to aid your digestive system and all its needs! Coming in a sweet, strawberry flavor, taking care of your gut health has never been this easy! Filled with natural ingredients and Bacillus subtilis, which are probiotics that help in digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties, your digestive health will vastly improve in no time! Just pop two gummies a day, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


What are probiotics and how does it work?  

There are two kinds of bacteria that live inside your body, the good and the bad. The good and friendly ones are called probiotics, which are living microorganisms that reside in your body. Most of them are harmless and live inside your gut. In fact, these good bacteria help combat digestive problems by eliminating those extra bad bacteria inside your body. 

Our gut has a lot of functions inside our body.

It aids in proper digestion and produces vitamins such as vitamin K and B vitamins. As much as it has this amazing function, it is also highly sensitive--an unhealthy diet will definitely throw your gut into digestive imbalance. Probiotics help balance your gut and restore it to its optimal performance!

These probiotics, thankfully, are not difficult to find! You probably regularly eat foods with probiotics. Protip, these are usually the fermented foods we eat such as yogurt and yogurt drinks, certain cheeses, kimchi, kombucha, and even pickles! Those who can not include these in their diet are encouraged to take probiotic supplements to keep their digestive systems healthy and happy! 

What’s so special about probiotics? 

Benefits of Probiotics

We’ve been talking a lot about how probiotics work to keep our gut healthy. Probiotics can combat digestive problems such as irregular bowel movements, bloating, constipation, and indigestion.  

Other digestive benefits include weight loss, better digestion, better skin health, and reduced risk of other health problems. Because probiotics promote better gut health, they can also prevent symptoms of other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and allergies, among others.  

Proven Scientific Studies

There are also studies that prove that a healthy gut reflects a healthy mind. This means that taking probiotic supplements can help reduce the risk of certain mental health conditions.  

Consuming probiotics, according to studies, also helped lower high cholesterol levels in our bodies.  

And like any other organic ingredient, it helps in boosting our immune system! As we move further in this current health situation, we rely on our immune system now more than ever, to keep us healthy and safe.  


Why Choose Probiotic Gummies by Cyrixs?

Carefully studied and formulated to bring you optimal health!

Like all of Cyrixs Health products, every single one is meticulously studied to ensure that our customers and partners in health can experience full benefits from our products.

It comes in a flavor that everyone loves!

These strawberry flavor gummies, filled with all the right nutrients our gut needs, will make you question why you haven’t thought of taking care of your gut before.

Contains ZERO synthetic ingredients and GMOs

Cyrixs Health takes pride in ensuring that all of our products have all-natural ingredients and ZERO artificial properties. You’ll be happy to know that your body is being taken care of by nature itself!

The Bottom Line  

We may not think it is significant, but gut health is important for our overall physical wellbeing. It helps boost our immune system and ward off other diseases, and not only our common digestive problems, all thanks to our good and friendly bacteria called probiotics. These living microorganisms ensure that there is a balance inside our digestive systems!

Trust your gut instinct! Now that you've heard of all the benefits probiotics entail, the only thing left for you to do is to try and feel the difference when you take probiotic supplements! Contact your basic healthcare provider to ensure that you are allowed to take our amazing Probiotic Gummies!

Remember that behind a healthy body is an even healthier gut.  


Stomach aches are the worst. It’s irritating and prevents you to enjoy your day. Good thing that it’s easy to relieve. These strawberry-flavored gummies are filled with probiotics that will improve your gut health almost immediately!

So forget about bloating, constipation, indigestion, and other stomach problems. All you need are two gummies a day and you’re good to go! Trust your gut and try this one!

• 30 Vegan Gummies | 30-day Supply
• Comes in a sweet, strawberry flavor!

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